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What do I need FiyaEX Athleisure Sportswear Products For?

What do I need FiyaEX Shapewear and Sweat Belts for?

Shapewear has been around for ages, but the taboo has finally fallen. Shapewear works and women everywhere of all body types and shapes are embracing the notion of body sculpting. There are a variety of shapewear options available on the market with even options for men.

 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to include general shapewear questions, questions about fit, and questions about shipping and returns. We hope you find your answer here. If not, a member of our customer care team would be more than happy to help you.

General Questions

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear is essentially a foundation garment that has the purpose of temporarily altering the body shape of the wearer.

Does Shape-wear Really work?

We believe that shapewear does really work, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Look at celebrities who have now opened up about wearing shapewear. The main determining factor is choosing the right shapewear for your needs and the garment you will be layering on top. Not only do they allow you to look great in your clothes, but some of them work to improve posture and boost self-confidence.

What are the Different Support Levels?

You will find shapewear garments categorized based on the shape of control or level of control. You may see items labeled as light, medium, firm, or even extra firm.

1. Light Control is best for all-day wear when you want to gently smooth some parts.
2. Medium control can help to conceal bulges.
3. Firm control will provide a sculpted look adding some shape to your figure.
4. Extra-firm is a control piece most often designed for use after surgery or for special occasions such as under a wedding dress.

What Types of Shaping Garments Do you Offer?

We offer a variety of shaping garments to help with all levels of body shaping. We offer:

  • Ultra-lightweight panty options
  • Camisole style options
  • Boy-leg length
  • Capri-leg length
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Low cut necklines
  • Scoop back styles
  • Unitard style options
  • Girdles 
  • Bodysuits
  •  Corsets
  • Waist trainers

How Do I Know What Size to Choose?

We can help you find the perfect size, just check out our size charts where a representative will help you to pick the correct size using your specific measurements and body size and shape.

How Do I Take Care of My Shapewear?

Follow the care instructions on the tag of your shapewear garment. Most often they are machine safe on gentle cycles. Your best bet would be to hand wash your shapewear items, so they can last longer.

What Color Should I Choose?

We have shapewear available in a number of colors and we highly recommend nude colors and beige as these can be almost invisible under most garments. Black shapewear is best for your dark clothing items.

Can I wear Shapewear While I Sleep?

We do not recommend wearing shapewear while you sleep.

Can I wear Shapewear While At Work?

Yes, definitely, and you should. Choose comfortable shapewear items in the correct size at the medium level for all-day wear. This will give you some amount of smoothing without being restrictive, so you won’t be uncomfortable throughout your day.

Will Wearing Shapewear Help Me to Lose Weight?

Shapewear will temporarily sculpt your body, but only exercise and dieting can help you to lose excess pounds.

Questions About Shipping

How Long Does US Shipping Take?

Order processing times are between 1 and 2 days. Your order ships after processing is complete. Your shipment will arrive based on the shipping method you chose at checkout. An estimated delivery date is usually included.

Can I Change My Shipping Address?

As soon as your order is placed, it is then batched and then packaging. Please double check your address as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to change anything after your order is made.

What Happens if my Package Gets Lost or Stolen?

We cannot be held liable if your package gets lost or stolen. If your tracking number indicates that your package has been delivered and you cannot locate it, please check your property thoroughly and check with your neighbors. You may also file a claim with the carrier.

Questions About Returns

How Do I Exchange or Return an Item?

Please read through our returns policy as it gives an in-depth guide to the specifics of the return process. Click here to return a purchase.

Questions About Waist Training

What is Waist Training?

This is the process of reducing one’s waist by the use of a corset, cincher, or latex waist trainer. A waist trainer gradually reshapes your waist when worn daily to produce an hourglass figure. It works by compressing and repositioning your body fat. This practice is not new and was used in Victorian times. To achieve these results one must wear a waist trainer for 8 to 10 hours per day.

Waist trainers are very tight and will provide relief for back pain as they help to improve posture. Some of our customers have dropped their waist size significantly after using a waist trainer for just 30 days.

What is the Difference Between an Extreme Waist Trainer and a Gym/Sport Waist Trainer?

Extreme waist trainers are the most aggressive. They are made with a latex exterior and cotton lining. These tend to be tighter and longer, so they will cover more. An extreme waist trainer is better for a regular day with your everyday activities.

 Sports waist trainers, on the other hand, consist of more lycra, so they have more stretch. They are shorter as well, so they can offer the flexibility needed while working out. These options are also better for women with a shorter torso.

How Do I Choose the Correct Size Waist Trainer?

You can refer to our size chart or use our size consultation service.



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