Shapewear Sexy Double Slim Bodysuit





Black is beautiful, so why don't you wear your amazingly sexy black short dress with full confidence? Here’s the perfect partner to let you flaunt your curves while looking slimmer and flatter with this sexy double slim bodysuit. The bodysuit is made from top-quality material that is a mix of polyester and spandex, offering complete breathability and comfortability. The Bodysuit features a sexy V-shape bra plunge line that will help accentuate your cleavage while the zipper closure at the front helps to provide more secure clothes. The hooks at the crotch area with the eye closure will make using the bathroom experience a lot easier.

It comes with a unique design that is aimed to make you look slimmer while lifting your buttocks for that correct posture and figure. It’s a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe and a great choice for special occasions, everyday wear, and even postpartum wear.

The Sexy Double Slim Bodysuit by FiyaEX is the perfect pair for your little black dress moments. Its middle part is a 2-layer stretchy material, offering a super-high compression on the tummy and reducing the waistline while giving great support to your breasts. The Shapewear is made from superb polyester and spandex material that will allow this product to last for several years.

- Great body sculpting for extreme shaping
- Moisture-wicking & skin-friendly fabric
- Hook and eye closure to make it comfortable when nature calls
- Sexy V-type neckline chest design
- Healthy adjustable cotton crotch
- Pretty lace butt lifter panty

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