Fashion Fitness Neoprene Aquatic Sports Bra





Whether you like deep diving or working out in the morning, the Fashion Fitness Neoprene Sports Bra is the right choice for you. This product is made from top-quality neoprene material with a zipper closure that makes it completely sweat proof and waterproof during physical activity. It comes with a mesh interior for added comfort and yellow lining at the exterior to make it look fashionable. It will help you increase core temperature during your daily activities so you can enjoy paddling, kayaking, surfing, swimming, running, yoga, and more without any discomfort.

Neoprene fabric is made from anti-microbial technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. It is designed to offer exceptional elasticity and quick-drying fabric keeps you dry all day long. The bra consists of waterproof materials, with a wire-free design and a zipper closure to ensure comfortability.

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